Cirencester Park Farms Limited was set up by the late 8th Earl Bathurst in 1963 as the in-hand farming company for the Bathurst Estate. He continued to run the farm until the present Earl (then Lord Apsley) took it over from his father in 1988, and continued in the family traditions of arable and dairy farming.

The Bathurst Estate totals some 15,000 acres, 4,800 acres of which are farmed by Cirencester Park Farms.

Cirencester Park Farms – 01285 652788

Kemble Farms Limited was acquired by the Bathurst Estate in 2013.  The in-hand farming operation consists of 970 hectares of combinable and forage crops. Woodland, tracks and environmental schemes make up a further 115 hectares, and contract farming and forage cropping agreements bring the total farmed area to approximately 1450 hectares.

The business also includes private residential lets, holiday lets and a 300kW/hr anaerobic digestion plant which was commissioned in 2008 and Smerrill Dairy which houses over 900 cows.  These are currently milked 3 times per day with a total annual production approaching 10 million litres.

Kemble Farms – 01285 770308